Newsroom 2020 NKP JapaneseVlogger Thumbnail

Nam Kee Pau, local delights well-loved indeed. Ghib Ojisan, Japanese vlogger, reviews Nam Kee Pau, one of his favourite pau chains that he frequents!

Date: 7 May 2020

Newsroom 20200331 TaxiDelivery01B


Date: 31 Mar 2020

Newsroom 20200331 TaxiDelivery02

NTUC linked up Fei Siong Group with SMRT Taxis to provide SMRT cabbies with additional transport jobs.

Date: 31 Mar 2020

Newsroom 20200331 TaxiDelivery03

A trial food delivery tie-up between Fei Siong Group and SMRT Taxis

Date: 31 Mar 2020

FS thumbnail covid 19 notice

Covid-19 notice to customers

Date: 20 Feb 2020

Newsroom 2019 EncikTanPPIS Thumbnail

Berita MediaCorp (Encik Tan)

Date: 28 Nov 2019

Newsroom 2020 CiYuan SG Clean Thumbnail

Ci Yuan Hawker has been Awarded to sg clean Quality Mark by NEA SG

Date: 10 Mar 2020

Newsroom ST 2019 09 12 ThumbnailFS

The Straits Times (Fei Siong Group)

Date: 12 Sep 2019

Events Capital958FM thumbnailFS

capital 95.8fm (Fei Siong Group)

Date: 9 Sep 2019

Events CNA BellyOfANation thumbnailFS


Date: 7 Aug 2019

Newsroom LianheZaobao 2019 05 25 ThumbnailFS

Lianhe zaobao (Malaysia Boleh)

Date: 25 May 2019

Newsroom LianheZaobao27Apr2019FS

Lianhe zaobao (Nam Kee Pau)

Date: 27 Apr 2019

Newsroom NKP ShinMinDailyNews22Apr2019 Thumbnail

shin min daily news (Nam Kee Pau)

Date: 22 Apr 2019

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